A Week in Hawaii

March 2012

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Oahu map Big Island map
Oahu Route Big Island Route

We had a long, uncomfortable, overnight flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Our airline was Jet Star, a low-cost subsidiary of Quantas. Don't ever fly Jet Star; they're even worse than the U.S. based airlines. Even the soft drinks were an add-on, $3 each. I didn't check on the water, but since it was bottled, I'm sure it cost something as well. Dona and I could only wonder, were they were skimping like this on the maintenance as well? Cathay Pacific had free movies on the way over; no such luck on Jet Star on the way back. We tried to sleep. I got some; Dona didn't get much. But whoo hoo, we landed in Hawaii!

We only had a week, and we planned to spend most of it on the "Big Island", the island whose name is actually "Hawai'i". We had the day we arrived plus the next day with Dona's sister Mary on Oahu, then six days on the big island.

We spent our time on Oahu visiting Mary and her daughter Tara and her family; and swimming, snorkeling, body-surfing and body-boarding.

On the big island, we started in Hilo and made a more-or-less clockwise circuit.