Gary and Dona's Trip to Borneo, Tasmania, and Hawaii

February - March, 2012

 Borneo  Australia Hawaii
Borneo Australia (Tasmania and Sydney) Hawaii

Dona and I had been wanting to visit Australia for quite some time. She'd been there before several times doing research, but I hadn't. But it seemed a shame to fly all the way over there and not see a few other things. So when Dona's nephew, Ram Papish and his partner, Dawn Grafe, invited us to go birding with them in Borneo I got pretty jazzed. Dona decided not to go to Borneo, based on pretty unpleasant experiences the past two years in hot, humid places. We decided I would go with Ram and Dawn to Borneo, then we would meet up in Tasmania. We decided to spend all our time in Australia in Tasmania, rather than trying to see a whole continent in too little time. I'm glad we did. Then, on the way home, we took a week in Hawaii to see Dona's sister Mary and some of her family, plus spend some time camping around the Big Island. All in all a great trip!