What went on, Summer 2012
Or at least a directory of photos.

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Dona and Sid and I huffed and puffed part way up Ovando Mountain. Well, some of us huffed and puffed. Sid ambled.

Hike on Ovando Mt.

Dona has been interested in marquetry for quite a while, and one of our neighbors who is a cabinetmaker sometimes teaches a course in it at the Port Townsend, Washington, woodworking school. So we drove out to Port Townsend to learn something from our neighbor. Not exactly carbon efficient, but we wanted to visit friends and see some country too.

Trip to Port Townsend, Washington

Dona and Sid and I hiked up Lake Mountain.

Lake Mt. Hike

We did a ride-and-hike trip into the Bob with our good friends Steve, Andrea, Adin and Zia.

Ride and Hike Trip into the Bob with Steve, Andrea, Adin and Zia