A Hike up Lake Mountain

A View into the Scapegoat during Fire Season

August, 2012

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We had a very active 2012 fire season, and one day Dona and Sid and I decided to hike up Lake Mountain. It is almost exclusively in burned over timber, so it is pretty open. And in August, that means hot.

Dona Sid On Trail
Dona and Sid on the Trail

Blue Grouse Blue Grouse
Grouse Grouse

Dona Sid Dona Sid Dona Sid
Dona Sid Lake Mt. is the far peak in the middle

As you gain altitude, you get a good view of the North Fork of the Blackfoot and out onto Kleinschmidt Flat. The Flat seems to live up to its name when viewed from a distance!

NFk Blackfoot Kleinschmidt Flat Cooper Lk
North Fork Blackfoot Kleinschmidt Flat Cooper Lake

Fireweed Fireweed
Fireweed, summit in destance Fireweed

Dona Dona Avalanche Chute Dona Sid Ovando Mt
Dona Avalanche Chute Dona and Sid, Ovando Mt. in background

NFk Blackfoot Valley NFk Blackfoot Valley
North Fork Blackfoot Valley

Flower Orange Xxx
Flower Orange Xxx

As we got up to where we could look east, we could see a number of fires burning in the Scapegoat Wilderness.

There is a small quanset-type hut on top; I think once upon a time it housed some weather gear, but I don't know if it's used any more.

Sid Looking E Fires Top
Sid, Looking East with Smoke from Fires Top

Gary Sid Top Looking E Fires Gary Sid Top Looking E Fires
Gary and Sid on Lake Mt. Summit, Looking East

Fires Fires
Fires Fires

I'm not certain, but I think the mountain behind the fire in the photos below is Sugarloaf Mt. I didn't take a compass reading but that's about the only thing that makes sense from the map. If anyone reading this can verify that or difinitively tell me otherwise, I'd appreciate it (email garya at this domain).

Scapegoat Fire
Scapegoat Mt Fire Scapegoat Mt Fire
Fire near Sugarloaf Mt.(?)

Sid Fire Sid
Sid, Falls Pt. Fire; Mt. Evans and Scapegoat Mt. in background

When I first climbed Lake Mountain about twenty years ago, there was a hardy, gnarled old forest of whitebark pines (I think they were whitebark pines) near the summit. However, about ten years ago one of the fires took them out and now there is nothing but burned and weathering snags.

Dead Trees
Dead Trees

Looking E
From Lake Mt. looking East
It's a great view of the whole Scapegoat massif;
Mt. Evans is the barren reddish diamond-shaped peak to right of center in front of the Scapegoat massif.

Looking West
Looking West
Flower XXXPurple
Pretty flower I didn't identify...

We didn't see much wildlife, but on the way down we did see this raptor I couldn't identify.

001 Bird Xxx Raptor
Xxx Raptor

Dona's back was giving her trouble; she minimized the pain by making maximum use of the butt-over technique.

001 Dona Butt Over Technique 003 Dona Butt Over Technique
Butt Over Technique