Land and Sea Travels in Belize and Guatemala
Winter 2006-2007

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I returned to Guatemala in early February. Malakii was basically ready to go, since I'd gotten most things I wanted to fix fixed during my November trip. I had about ten days before I needed to meet Dave in Guatemala City. I spent the first few relaxing and helping Jennifer and friends on various projects, swimming in the warm water of the bay, and playing my new travel banjo which I had brought down with me.

My friends Bill Cone and Carol Kulish were traveling through Central America in their truck, and they showed up in Fronteras for a few days. I took Malakii up to meet them. Bill was pretty sick and didn't feel like doing much, so Carol and I spent a few days seeing the local sights.

Explorations with Carol

After a few days, Bill and Carol needed to take off for Honduras, where they were meeting some other friends. I said goodbye to them and took Malakii back to Jennifer's, then headed to Guatemala City to meet Dave.

I took an early bus and got to the city about noon. I wandered down to the park by the cathedral and people watched. I came back on 6th Avenue, a big shopping street. Since the sidewalks are narrow, the street vendors crowd onto the street, leaving a narrow path behind them so you can get to the stores in the buildings. It's a colorful scene, and I always enjoy seeing what's there. It's mostly clothes, shoes, and CDs / DVDs. As for the stores, they're mostly clothes, shoes, small home appliances, consumer electronics, and... holy cow! I discovered a whole indoor mini-mall! It was three stories... the top one was nothing but hair salons... 26 of them. Below that was video games, and below that a few eateries and a big pool hall.

Guatemala City Hats CDs Jeans Backpacks
Guatemala City Hats CDs Jeans Backpacks

Down by the park, they were replacing all the cobble on the street next to the park.

Cobble Stones
Cobblestone Street New Cobbles

One of the things I like about the park is seeing the thriving commerce. Everyone has something to sell, although I often wonder how they all make a living. Many are selling the same things, and how do you choose where to buy lunch?

Street Vendor Shoe Shine Street Vendor Street Vendor
Drinks Shoe Shine Oranges Super [not] Ice Cream

I wandered down the street past the cathedral, and discovered I was in what must be the Piñata street!

Pinatas Pinatas Pinatas

I met Dave at the airport; he had come round about, from Denver to Houston to Belize City to San Salvador to Guatemala City. We spent the night at the Hotel, then headed up to Antigua in the morning.

Gary in Hotel Spring
Gary at Hotel Spring
Photo by Dave

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