What went on, Spring 2013
Or at least a directory of photos.

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Sailing in Belize and Guatemala

I did not get any sailing in last year, and I missed it. So in late March I headed down to Guatemala to do a little maintenance on my sailboat Malakii and do a little sailing. My original intent was to go to Cuba, but it was soon clear that was not going to happen. Think Captain Ron, and you will have an idea of what this "adventure" was like. Dona stayed home and worked on her artistic endeavors for her woodworking enterprise, Discoveries in Wood , partly because the combination of heat and bugs which tends to accompany my sailing expeditions is hard on her.

Swan Release Swan Release

The day after I got back from Guatemala, we helped with the Blackfoot Valley Swan Reintroduction program. The weather was marginal, but I doubt if the seven swans that gained their freedom cared. Nor did most of the people in attendance; it was a treat to see them off on their own, and a delight to watch the school kids show interest in the natural world they live in.

May Day Tea

The Ovando School kids put on a great show for their May Day Tea. We got a sampling of dance from around the world, and some great poetry.

Bison Range

On a fine spring day, we took Dona's mother up to the National Bison Range to look for wildlife and wildflowers. We found both!

Pond Below Crystal Lake

A few days later we took Max and the Hunky Dory up to Lindbergh Lake to see what we could see.

Tree House

A windstorm brought a huge ponderosa crashing down across a corner of the tree house roof, but we were able to repair it and had a sleep-over with grandkids in it.