Bob and Joe's Birthday Bash

Fun for old and young alike in Arkansas

October, 2017

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Top Mckenzie Tyler Top Tyler Aviana Mckenzie
Trying out the Tops Aunt Dona made
Mckenzie and Tyler Tyler, Aviana and Mckenzie

We headed out to Greers Ferry Lake, a reservoir formed behind Greers Ferry Dam. The dam was completed in 1963 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Joe had rented a big house on the lake. It worked out really well for our group of 18 (yikes!). A big master bedroom downstairs, two more bedrooms upstairs, plus a big "bunkhouse" room with bunkbeds and doubles. And lots of recliners to snooze in.

Fishing Bob Fishing Bob Aviana
Bob Fishing Bob and Aviana

Addison Joe Addison
Addison with her Broken Arm

The house didn't have a fireplace, but it did have a big fire pit outside. Someone got a bonfire going after a lot of poking around with a small fire to start with. It was cool enough we roasted on one side and were chilly on the other. We needed a human rotisserie.

Campfire Justin Joeanthony Fire Tonya Fire Justin Joeanthony Tonya
Justin and Joe Anthony Tonya Justin and Joe Anthony

At home we have matching games we play with the kids using images of local birds, mammals, reptiles, and flowers. But they are pretty specific to where we live, so we brought a commercial bugs and butterflies of the United States game to play with the grandkids. When we play we make everyone say the name of each card when they turn it up, and that way they end up learning the animals and flowers. Elizabeth, Aviana and Amelia took to it right away.

Matching Isabella, Amelia Aviana Matching Isabella, Amelia Aviana Matching Isabella, Amelia Aviana
Isabella, Amelia, and Aviana matching Butterflies

Matching Isabella Aviana Matching Isabella Aviana Amelia Matching Gary Aviana Amelia Isabella
Isabella and Aviana Isabella, Aviana and Amelia Gary, Aviana, Amelia, Isabella

The medium-aged folks made frquent use of the recliners...

Joeanthony Addison Justin Kennedy
Joe Anthony, Addison, Justin, and Kennedy

Joe and Bob headed off to rent a big pontoon boat. They motored up the lake to the house, then a bunch of us hopped on and we headed out to "the island" for a hike. The trip to the island was chilly in spite of sunshine; there was a breeze blowing and we all hunkered down behind seats or under blankets.

Boat Gerardo Addison Kennedy Joe Bob Joeanthony
Gerardo, Addison, Kennedy, Captain Joe, Navigator Bob, and Joe Anthony

Boat Aviana Amelia Isabella Boat Addison Kennedy Boat Alejandro Christian
Aviana, Amelia and Isabella Addison and Kennedy Alejandro and Christian

We didn't know squat about the island, so we picked a likely landing spot, beached the boat, and hopped off. Bob, Joe, Joe Anthony and a few others stayed with the boat. The rest of us swarmed into the woods, heading for the top of the "mountain".

Island Hiking Up
The Swarm Heading to the Top of the Island

On the way up we found a small tree / big shrub with what looked like chestnuts, only they were growing in clusters of three and not singly. I don't know what they were. They had a meat kind of like a coconut.

After a lot of slipping on leaves because of the steep hillside and inadequate footwear, we arrived at a trail and a sign showing us there was a dock a bit further around the island. The trail led up to the top, and down to the dock. We groaned a bit for not knowing that from the start, then continued up the trail to the top.

Island Sugarloaf Mtn Map
Sugarloaf Mountain Map

Just before we got to the top we came across a plant with clusters of bright purple berries. I haven't a clue what they are, but they sure were pretty!

Berries Xxx Purple
Berries Xxx Purple

The island / mountain is Sugarloaf Mountain; it rises about 500 feet above the lake. At the top there are some rock cliffs of sorts; the trail winds around and through them. There is an awesome view from the top.

Nicki had her phone with her and called the guys on the boat to tell them to go around to the dock and meet us there. After a while we saw our boat heading around towards the dock.

Island Boat Island Waving To Boat Island Gary Dona Isabella Aviana Amelia
The Boat Heading to the Island Dock Waving to the Guys on the Boat Gary, Dona,
Isabella, Aviana and Amelia

Island View
View from the Top of Sugarloaf Mountain
Island View

Island View

The Army Corps of Engineers has wisely placed trash bins along the trail, and for the most part people seem to be using them. Given the large number of visitors, it would probably be futile to expect everyone to pack out their trash. However, they aren't very large and I suspect they need to be emptied on a daily basis during the peak months.

On the way down we found a perfect "sitter" tree. I saw another one with a seat about fifteen feet up in the air. I wanted to shinny up and have Dona take my picture up there but I wasn't really dressed for rough tree climbing; I was wearing sandals and my only shirt and a nice vest and it didn't look particularly easy.

Island Tree Seat Julie Isabella Aviana Amelia Nicki
Isabella, Aviana and Amelia on the Tree Seat
Julie and Nicki on the sides
Boat Tyler Isabella Aviana Amelia Boat Elizabeth Christian
Tyler, Isabella, Aviana and Amelia Elizabeth and Christian

Island Sugarloaf Mtn
Sugarloaf Mountain ("The Island")

The boat ride back was chilly also. Bob and Joe unloaded the rest of us and then took the boat back. They were pretty well cooled off when they got back.

Alex Surrounded by busy Women

Mckenzie caught a lizard out under the woodpile.


Joe grilled up some great steaks and fillets; the women cooked up all sorts of extras and desserts. Yum!

Bar Joeanthony Bob Nick Alex Bar Justin Joeanthony
Joe Anthony, Bob, Nick and Alex at the Bar Justin and Joe Anthony

Dinner Anne Julie
Anne and Julie

Bob Joe Aviana Amelia Joe Aviana Amelia Anne Bob Joe Aviana Elizabeth Isabella
Bob, Joe, Aviana and Amelia Joe, Aviana and Amelia Bob, Joe, Aviana and Elizabeth

Joe Isabella Aviana Joe Aviana Joe Aviana Amelia Joe Aviana Amelia Elizabeth
Joe and Isabella Joe and Aviana Joe, Aviana and Amelia Joe, Aviana, Amelia
and Elizabeth

Joe Elizabeth
Joe and Elizabeth
Kennedy Addison Kennedy Addison
Kennedy and Addison

Cake Joe Elizabeth
Joe Contemplates the Cake
Elizabeth Advises
Joe Elizabeth Mckenzie Isabella
Joe when Informed that Nicki was Pregnant Again
Elizabeth, Mckenzie and Isabella
(but she's not)

Bob Joe Elizabeth Mckenzie Isabella Bob Joe Elizabeth Mckenzie
Bob, Joe, Elizabeth, Mckenzie and Isabella Bob, Joe, Elizabeth and Mckenzie

As well as making tops, Dona had made jigsaw puzzles with all the grandkids, kids, and old folks in them. Bob and Joe got the one with the old folks, made using scAnneed images of photographs when they were younger.

Puzzle Bob Joe Tonya
Bob and Joe Working on the Puzzle

Puzzle Bob Joe Tonya Isabella Amelia Puzzle Anne Bob Joe Tonya Aviana Isabella Amelia Dona
Bob, Joe, Tonya,
Amelia and Isabella
Anne, Bob, Joe,
Tonya, Aviana, Isabella, Amelia and Dona

Puzzle Anne Bob Joe Tonya Aviana Isabella Amelia Puzzle Anne Bob Joe
Anne, Bob, Joe, Aviana, Isabella and Amelia Anne, Bob and Joe

Puzzle Julie Anne Bob Joe Puzzle Julie Anne Bob Joe
Julie, Anne, Bob and Joe

Puzzle Julie Bob Joe Puzzle Julie Bob Joe
Julie, Bob and Joe

Tonya looked at one picture of Joe when he was little and compared it to a picture she had of one of her kids (I can't remember which one...); talk about a spittin' image!

Puzzle Bob Joe Tonya Puzzle Bob Joe Tonya
Bob, Joe and Tonya Comparing Grandkids and Grandpa

Puzzle Julie Bob Joe Puzzle Julie Bob Joe Puzzle Julie Anne Bob Joe
Julie, Bob and Joe

Puzzle Julie Anne Bob Joe Puzzle Dona Anne Bob Joe
Julie, Anne, Bob and Joe There! It's Done!
Dona, Anne, Bob and Joe

Puzzle Bob Julie Nicki Nora Puzzle Bob Julie Nicki
Bob, Julie, Nicki and Nora Bob, Julie and Nicki

Aviana Joe Amelia
Amelia, Joe and Aviana

Towards evening, we settled in for some competitive bananagrams.

Bananagrams Tonya Joe Dona Nick Joeanthony Justin Bananagrams Joeanthony Justin Tonya Joe
Tonya, Joe, Dona, Nick, Joe Anthony and Justin Joe Anthony, Justin, Tonya and Joe

Bananagrams Tonya Joe Dona Joeanthony Justin Bananagrams Joeanthony Justin Tonya Joe
Tonya, Joe, Dona, Joe Anthony and Justin Joe Anthony, Justin, Tonya and Joe

Then we moved on to Scrabble.

Scrabble Joeanthony Justin Scrabble Nicki Tonya Joeanthony Justin
Joe Anthony and Justin Nicki, Tonya, Joe Anthony and Justin

Scrabble Joeanthony Justin Alejandro Nicki Tonya Addison
Joe Anthony, Justin, Alejandro, Nicki, Tonya and Addison
Nick Julie Joe
Nick, Julie and Joe

Bar Sara Alex Nora Christian
Sara, Alex, Nora and Christian

The next morning we had a highly competitive game of horseshoes. I think Julie was the only one to get a ringer.

Horseshoes Nick Julie Horseshoes Nick Julie Horseshoes Joeanthony Horseshoes Justin
Nick Julie Joe Anthony Justin
Horseshoes Bob Horseshoes Bob Joe Horseshoes Bob Joe Horseshoes Bob Joe Horseshoes Nora Alex Horseshoes Nora Alex
Bob Joe Nora and Alex Alex

The hammock got well used, despite the cooler weather.

Hammock Mckenzie
Mckenzie in the Hammock
Hammock Amelia Mckenzie Isabella Aviana Hammock Amelia Mckenzie Isabella Aviana
Amelia, Mckenzie, Isabella and Aviana
Hammock Amelia Mckenzie Isabella Aviana

Porch Anne Nick Julie Sara Nicki Justin Mckenzie Joeanthony
The Porch Review Officials
Anne, Nick, Julie, Sara, Nicki, Justin, Mckenzie and Joe Anthony

All too soon it was time to go.

Group Group Group
Group Group
Group Group