Dylan's Soccer Match

September, 2015

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Dylan had a soccer match so we stayed over to watch and cheer everybody on. The kids were learning to move the ball and even did some passing. Some of the goalies were a bit intimidated, and not everyone was focused on the job at hand, but it was a good game.

SoccerDylan_0001_20150926 SoccerDylan_0002_20150926 SoccerDylan_0003_20150926

I think the good guys just made a goal...

SoccerDylan_0005_20150926 SoccerDylan_0006_20150926 SoccerDylan_0007_20150926

SoccerDylan_0009_20150926 SoccerDylan_0010_20150926

SoccerDylan_0008_20150926 SoccerDylan_0011_20150926 SoccerDylan_0012_20150926

SoccerDylan_0013_20150926 SoccerDylan_0014_20150926

SoccerDylan_0016_20150926 SoccerDylan_0017_20150926

SoccerDylan_0018_20150926 SoccerDylan_0019_20150926

SoccerDylan_0020_20150926 SoccerDylan_0021_20150926
Nice shot out of the mob!

SoccerDylan_0022_20150926 SoccerDylan_0023_20150926