A Fall Hike Around Clearwater Lake

Lolo National Forest, Montana

October, 2013

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Dona needed to do some walking as therapy after her back operation. The larches are at the peak of their color and the weather has been great so we drove over to Seeley Lake and took a hike around Clearwater Lake.

ClearwaterLk ClearwaterLk
Clearwater Lake Clearwater Lake

The view of the Mission Mountains to the west was great, but we wished we were ten feet taller!

Mission Mountains

To the east we had a great view of the Swan Range where Sid and I had taken a hike a few days before.

ClearwaterLk NDFilter
Ptarmigan Pk. Swan Range

We stopped for a snack and to enjoy the view. I wanted to remind myself to get more of the best snack in the bag, and we rationalized that we could pretend to be buying them as haloween treats...

Heath Bar Wrapper
Heath Bar Wrapper

Clearwater Lake

ClearwaterLk_0038_20131018 ClearwaterLk_0040_20131018
Sunlight on Tree Bark