What went on, Winter 2007 - 2008
Or at least a directory of photos.

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Community Washing Beach, Atitlan

I spent February, March, and the first part of April in Central America. I worked on the boat, and did some sailing. Dona came down to visit and we did some inland sight-seeing as well as sailing. On the way home, I stopped in Anapra, Mexico, to help the World Hands Project do some straw-bale and pallet construction. Unfortunately, there is no longer a website for the World Hands Project , probably the result of the untimely and very unfortunate loss of its founder, Alfred von Bachmayer.

Aiden and Dona

I spent Christmas day with Dona and her family in Missoula.

Zia, Dona and Steve skiing

We went for a ski up the river on my neighbor Zia's birthday.

Andrea above Monture Creek

My neighbor Andrea Morgan and I skiied up Monture creek looking for wolves as part of the area-wide wolf survey.